Updating BioPack files after a global update

1.  In the VnmrJ window, run the script:
This will deactivate the old BioPack.  It opens a window, which can be closed on completion.
Then exit and restart VnmrJ.

2.  Go to the BioPack menus under Experiment.  The only available choice should be
Activate BioPack
Choose to activate with a copy of the system probe file, which I keep up to date for the probe in the magnet.
After the update is complete, exit and restart VnmrJ.

3.  Load the ghn_co parameters from the BioPack menu.  If you then go to Setup, Calibrations and Probefile,
you should have the option to update your probe file with the values shown, which will be correct.
Then you can proceed with calibrations on your own sample, and any BioPack experiments you wish to do.

Dave 8/22/06