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 Paris, La Vie de Romance


This is a commercial poster; I bought it at Hobby Lobby.  The photographer was Jeff Cameron.
Three of these four black and white photographs were taken at the same place, at the entrance to the Abbesses Metro station in
Montmartre.  (The second from the top, of course, shows the Eiffel Tower.)  Montmartre is on a high hill on the northern edge of
Paris.  The hill itself is composed of gypsum, a.k.a. plaster of Paris, and the Metro has to run underneath layers of old and unstable gypsum
mines.  The Abbesses station is the furthest underground of any  Metro station and is the only one with an elevator to ground level.
The area around the station is pretty nice, but Montmartre has become the center of the Paris sex industry, and some streets in the
area are pretty seamy.  The charming movie "Amelie" (which has some seamy parts too) is set in Montmartre.