Status of KU NMR Lab Spectrometers

The current time is Fri Aug 18 20:28:27 CDT 2017

A login that includes :0 indicates the instrument is in use

"No one logged on" or no login on :0 indicates the instrument is available

Malott 400 (florence): No one logged on.

SBC 400 (yosemite):

CMLD 400 (bigsur):

DRX 500 (paris): No one logged on.

AV3 500 (siena):

Inova 600 (kunmr6):

Avance 800 (grandteton): Login Name Tty Idle Login Time Office Office Phone minli Minli Xing *:0 Aug 16 10:34 minli Minli Xing pts/1 2d Aug 16 10:34 minli Minli Xing *pts/2 2d Aug 16 10:34